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Hello, im Sawyer i've been a long time lover of computers since the age of about 5. I have been fascinated with how computers work and how people build software to run on them, I really only started coding when i was in middle school, thats when i was really into Xbox-360 with the jtagging the RGH mods going around, I found my self making a wide range of mod menus for the call of duty series particularly Cod WaW and MW2 menus as those were the most popular, i also got into making GFX work around that time and have been making stuff in Photoshop eversince and now starting to learn AfterEffects and other cool programs, after that i really just began forensics into computer data and software to learn how things really worked, most languages im finding to be pretty easy to understand. soon i got to fixing bugs in programs as i had basic understanding of the underlying code base and what it was trying to accomplish by its functions, most of the time i spent googling and self teaching, i spent most my time then working with JavaScript and PHP so that led me into starting some web development slowly started to learn the Web basics of HTML, CSS/SCSS, PHP, JavaScript and Jquery, after i had learned most the basics and could deploy some simple web pages and site i signed up for some class on Codecademy where im learning all the essentials of building full responsive website with DataBases!


eShield Systems

Apprentice Network Engineer(contracted)

implementing, maintaining, supporting, developing communication networks within an organisation or between organisations, to ensure the integrity of high availability network infrastructure to provide maximum performance for their users. most duties are upgrading data network equipment to the latest stable firmware releases, the configuration of routing and switching equipment, the configuration of hosted IP voice services, the basic configuration of firewalls, remote support of on-site engineers and end users/customers during installation, remote troubleshooting and fault finding if issues occur upon initial installation, undertaking data network fault investigations in local and wide area environments, using information from multiple sources, securing network systems by establishing and enforcing policies, and defining and monitoring access.

Self Employed

Website Developer

Develop, Design and Maintain Websites using HTML, CSS/SCSS, PHP, JavaScript, Jquery and other cool languages, I also work and Customize WordPress sites.

Self Employed

Graphics Designer

Graphic Design using Photoshop and other tools to make logo's, backgrounds, banners, icons, emojis, ect.



Feb 2016 - Current

Website Development

Projects Profile Viewer

View user profiles in detail from, calls on the mixer api to allocate details you wont normally see on the mixer page, orignally Developed by Firebottle and maintaned and updated by me.

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For streamers to put on there website to display a nice Landing Page with there stream and profile info

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Mixer Stream Team Pages

pages to displat the online/offline status of a set list of streamers, there are 2 versions a 1 row and 4 row page.

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LBRY-app CMD Menu

A nice menu to control to control the lbry app, daemon, and cli coded in windows batch(.bat) for use with the Command Prompt(CMD). Includes Wallet Info, system info, and running commands to CLI with nice interface

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Fantastic Coming Soon Page

Fantastic coming soon page forked from Agence-Tandem, is a PHP / MySQL script for a coming soon landing page with all the marketing tools to start your website promotion : newsletter registration, contact form, access map, content, SEO, google analytics, multilingual. Easy and fast install and configuration.

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